Well, Punch-Drunk Love initially scared me too

So, the other day I stumbled upon a piece of film info that pretty much stunned me:

David Gordon Green is directing Pineapple Express.

...the fuck?

This is like Linklater doing School of Rock, except even more bizarre.

David Gordon Green is supposed to be "the Terrence Malick of our time," and he's directing a pot head action comedy written by Seth Rogan.

Is this gonna be an Inside Man/Spider-Man style meeting of auteur and pop? Or is this just David Gordon Green unable to get other work (say it ain't so), or are Green and Apatow just boys?

Take a look at a couple of examples of David Gordon Green's back catalog to understand my confusion.

The opening scene of George Washington

The trailer for All the Real Girls

Anyways, yeah, you all can figure that out on your own. Maybe he's just trying to prove that he can make money with a movie. That sometimes produces a director's best work.

Nathaniel Tyson


Pineapple Express trailer

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