I'm gonna need a dictionary to fully get this album, probably

I sometimes feel guilty about illegally downloading music by artists I really love. I know that I could be, and should be, a better fan. But goddamnit, I just had to hear Joanna Newsom's upcoming Have One On Me as soon as possible.

I've listened to the entire thing (3 discs, 2 hours) a couple times now, but I still need to absorb it a little more before I have any complete thoughts.

The stand-outs so far have been the title track, "No Provenance", and "Go Long". Fans of Ms. Newsom are gonna be happy, that's all I know.

Nate "Bolt like a horse" Tyson

PS: The above picture sparked a ridiculous thread about her butt. Don't read it unless you want to find out how weird her male fans can be.


Weirdest damn funeral I've ever been to

"The Substitute" delivered a healthy dose of mythology and great character moments. For instance, when Locke took a swan dive off his van onto his lawn. That was just perfect.



Yeah, thanks to the blizzard of aught ten, freakishly large icicles destroyed the gutter on the front of my house.

Screw you, el nino.