I'm gonna need a dictionary to fully get this album, probably

I sometimes feel guilty about illegally downloading music by artists I really love. I know that I could be, and should be, a better fan. But goddamnit, I just had to hear Joanna Newsom's upcoming Have One On Me as soon as possible.

I've listened to the entire thing (3 discs, 2 hours) a couple times now, but I still need to absorb it a little more before I have any complete thoughts.

The stand-outs so far have been the title track, "No Provenance", and "Go Long". Fans of Ms. Newsom are gonna be happy, that's all I know.

Nate "Bolt like a horse" Tyson

PS: The above picture sparked a ridiculous thread about her butt. Don't read it unless you want to find out how weird her male fans can be.

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Baby Indie said...

The track "Well Intentioned Paving Co." was a delightful surprise - it almost had a groove