The return

So, I've managed to make my way back up to Amherst, with only a huge gap in my writing to show for it.

Recently, my focus on pop culture has been somewhat usurped by my investment in the current Presidential race - which is not going well. My only recent obsessions have been Project Runway, Sun Kil Moon's new album, and The Daily Show.

In case you haven't been watching The Daily Show during the conventions, you have really missed out. My favorite moment so far was when Jon Stewart referred to Dick Morris as a "lying sack of shit." Which he is. Duh.

Well, here's hoping the school year bring more productive internet time.


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Auntie Jo said...


Know you well, but not as Nate. Your Poppy called you Nate behind your back for many years.


I hope I had something to do with your love of pop culture.