We're gonna give him a best friend hug

You know what pisses me off?

Well I'm gonna tell you.

The fact that more than one review of The Hangover begins with 'Todd Phillips does not produce art and is not an artist.' Can we give that shit up? Anybody who makes me belly laugh for two hours straight is an artist. Comedy, especially funny comedy (I'm looking at you, Year One), is a difficult thing to pull off. It's a tightrope act with no net or audience empathy.

Another modern american master of comedy [David Wain] once said that directing is 75% casting, and if so, Todd Phillips is one of the best directors working in the US at the moment.

PERFECT casting. Flawless performances, occasionally even inspired. Ebert compared Zach Galifianakis' performance to Belushi's Animal House breakout. I couldn't agree more; the man was on fire when they filmed this shit.

The Hangover: B+


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