First 3D Best Picture Ever?

Oscar Predictions!

Best Picture


Best Director
Kathryn Bigelow - The Hurt Locker

Best Actor
Jeff Bridges - Crazy Heart

Best Actress
Sandra Bullock - The Blind Side

Best Supporting Actor
Christoph Waltz - Inglourious Basterds

Best Supporting Actress
Mo’Nique - Precious

Best Original Screenplay
The Hurt Locker

Best Adapted Screenplay
Up in the Air

Best Foreign-Language Film
Un Prophete (France)

Best Animated Film

Best Documentary
The Cove

Best Cinematography

Best Editing
The Hurt Locker

Best Art Direction

Best Costume Design
The Young Victoria

Best Score

Best Original Song
"The Weary Kind" from Crazy Heart

Best Sound Mixing

Best Sound Editing

Best Visual Effects

Best Make-Up
The Young Victoria

Best Live-Action Short
The Door

Best Documentary Short Form
China's Unnatural Disaster: Sichuan Province

Best Animated Short

The Lady and the Reaper


Shockhead said...

(Hi! It's Liz, Abigail's friend. This is a list I made when my dad and I were having this conversation.)


Prediction: Lee Daniels

Vote: Quentin Tarantino


Prediction: Jeff Bridges or Morgan Freeman

Vote: Colin Firth or Jeremy Renner


Prediction: Gaborey Sidibe or Carey Mulligan

Vote: Gaborey Sidibe

Supporting Actor

Prediction: No idea

Vote: Christoph Waltz

Supporting Actress

Prediction: Maggie Gyllenhaal or Mo’nique

Vote: Mo’nique

Animated Feature

Prediction: Up

Vote: Secret of Kells or Fantastic Mr. Fox


Prediction: No idea

Vote: No idea

Original Screenplay

Prediction: The Messenger or A Serious Man

Vote: Inglorious Basterds

Adapted Screenplay

Prediction: An Education, Precious or Up in the Air

Vote: District 9


Prediction: No idea

Vote: No idea

Original Score

Prediction: No idea

Vote: No idea


Prediction: Avatar or The Hurt Locker

Vote: Inglorious Basterds or District 9


Prediction: The Hurt Locker or Avatar

Vote: The Hurt Locker or Inglorious Basterds

Costume Design

Prediction: No idea

Vote: No idea

Shockhead said...

And, actually, since I made that list I have seen all the shorts, so I can now say that I would vote for Miracle Fish or New Tenants for live action, but expect Kavi, and I would say Logorama hands down for my animated vote, though Lady and the Reaper is probably a better bet. Maybe Loaf and Death?

Anonymous said...

Wow, was the Avatar defeat so brutal you abandoned your website?

I hope not!

Anonymous said...

Howdy! We worked together at IKEA and I remember you fondly. Glad to see that you're back in school and happy.
Sarah Pevner