"I hassled the old jews...my work here is done."

So, I'm watching HBO's Recount at the moment, and I have a few thoughts:

+ Tom Wilkinson has become the go-to over-40 character actor. His work as James Baker is a little overwrought, but he seems to capture the man rather well.

+ Casting for this film was pretty wonderful. Just saying.

+ Everything you've heard about Laura Dern's performance is true. Her Katherine Karris is too, too wonderful. It's a work of strange art. What an underused talent she is. (Her makeup at the first press conference is just marvelous.)

+ It's really sad when Kevin Spacey talks about how the recount has reinvigorated Gore. I noticed it at the time, and it's just sad to think of what could have been. I'm sad he's disappeared during primary season. I wonder what he would have done.

+ I have a friend working for William Daley these days. Just wanted to say.


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