80's comic books are hilarious

I know I just posted about comics earlier today, but this old issue of Iron Man that I'm reading has some more gems that I simply must share with the world.

I'm not crazy; the author is implying that Merlin's gay, right? I mean, he "fetches" his less flamboyant attire: a suit covered in futuristic rhinestones, complete with matching fez. I don't think it's possible to misread this.

Doctor Doom? More like Doctor Diva! (high hat) Thank you!

I just love the look of impotent rage that forms on his metal face. This issue alone has like 30 classic Doctor Doom moments.

More impotent metal rage. Iron Man is about to be the shit out of this dude for providing such awful customer service.

I love how in the 80's, everyone thought the future would look just like it did in California, circa 1984, but with hover cars and jetpacks. Plus, everyone complained about malls constantly. What's with that?


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