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Some catch-up from the last two months!
  • I saw Bat for Lashes at the 9:30 Club last month. Her voice is incredible, and it sounds better live. Good show, BfL. Thank you.
  • I may have gotten around to Inglorious Basterds three weeks late, but I went to see it twice within a week. Both times with my Mom, oddly enough. I'm fairly certain I speak for us both when I say: "HOLY SHIT! What a great movie! Jumpin Jiminey Jillickers!" But we would agree to say that last part like Swedes, pronouncing the J's like Y's, but then when the time comes, she would totally stop short, and I would start saying it by myself, like a total idiot. My Mom hates me. [By the way, everything you've heard about Christoph Waltz is true...the Oscar is in the bag.]
  • My favorite Emmy win this year wasn't presented during the broadcast ceremony. My pick for most deserving Emmy winners are the editors of This American Life. The episode they won for, titled "John Smith", is an all around fantastic hour of television, and its emotional charge is most often provided by its editing. I love that the award actually seems to have been awarded on specific merit, rather than familiarity with the show's title.
  • The Netflix instant queue must be revolutionizing the way mediocre to shitty movies are distributed. However, I also have it to thank for reminding me how awesome Slap Shot is...so it's a mixed bag.
  • How did I have no clue that Neil LaBute wrote and directed Lakeview Terrace? The movie, like Sam J's character, is absolutely batshit insane. I kinda loved it right up until the end. Some might dismiss Jackson's work as his typical histrionics, but I think he was doing something really special. Instead of playing a likeable, shit-talking badass, he's inhabiting the skin of a rageaholic, pibolar racist. His on-screen persona works to his advantage, amping up the tension of every scene. Overall, better movie than I thought, but not a must-see unless you're into bizarre race, culture and class conflict stories.
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