Master of the Macabre

My family and I recently attended the Tim Burton exhibit at NY's Museum of Modern Art, and it was pretty durned impressive.

Seeing the breadth of his vision (which included sketches, models, obscure short films, props, illustrations and installations, among other things) really gave me a newfound respect for his obssessive, distinct style.

Then I began to wonder: Has any single American director in recent decades been as influential as Burton, regarding visual culture outside the world of film? His films themselves are influential, but his art and style are more pervasive than his specific projects.

Would Hot Topic have anything to sell without Burton? What would all the happy goth kids have done? [Probably just watched anime, but you get the point.]

Whether or not he is a great filmmaker (I think he's a damned good one at least) he is definitely one of the single most influential creative minds of our time, in my estimation.



Top Five Burton Movies

01. Pee Wee's Big Adventure
02. Batman Returns
03. Beetle Juice
04. Edward Scissorhands
05. Sweeney Todd

What are yours?

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