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Don't worry, I'm not dead...both of you, breathe a sigh of relief.


Bout time I wrapped up last year, so I'm gonna do that bit by bit. First?

My Top Ten(ish) Films of 2009

(it physically hurts to rank these against each other, so lots of ties!...such a great year for [American] film[...for some reason, I haven't seen a single import this year...weird, right?])

Thank god that it's in vogue this year to ignore the rule of ten! Ebert can do it, and so can I; pairing apples w/ oranges for the purposes of this list. I think that each duo is sort of a cinematic yin-yang, masculine/feminine, world-weary/childlike, etc.

...Or something less pretentious.

01. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans / Where the Wild Things Are
02. A Single Man / Inglourious Basterds
03. Coraline / Avatar
04. The Hurt Locker / Precious
05. Drag Me to Hell / The Fantastic Mr. Fox
06. Julie and Julia / Funny People
07. Up / The Road
08. Star Trek / District 9
09. The Hangover / (500) Days of Summer
10. The Informant! / Paranormal Activity

Nate "Never Updates" Tyson

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