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So, I think I'm a little late on this one, but I'm really impressed with just how awesome "United State of Pop" is.

The "US of P" (for those who have actual lives and can't spend quite as much time obsessing about pop culture as I can) is a mash-up by San Fransisco's DJ Earworm that blends 2007's 25 biggest singles into 5:14 of pure bliss.

It's available at his site for free. Check it out. You can both download it directly, and stream it from the site. It's legal and all, for you scaredy cats out there.

"I mean yooouu! Crank dat soulja boy! You ain't cuz you not!"

My favorite sample that he uses is actually the "but I don't believe it's true anymore, anymoooore" from "Makes Me Wonder" by Maroon 5. It works sooo well out of context. Adam Levine is the Akon/T-Pain of pop rock.

Also, it's great to hear Beyonce right next to Rihanna and T-Pain next to Akon.

Things this proves to us about the state of pop

1. "Hey There Delilah" was one hell of an anomaly. Rock singles are for the most part non-factors in the singles game, excluding Maroon 5, who appear to be the only rock band that has any staying power on the Top 100 singles chart.

2. Timbaland's production both literally and figuratively can be heard in almost every major hit last year. His actual songs, like"The Way I Are" & "LoveStoned/I Think She Knows", aren't used quite as much in the mix as the Tim-influenced songs like "Umbrella" & "This is Why I'm Hot", but he has obviously shaped pop. Then again, we knew this already, this is just support for the argument.

3. "Girlfriend" is even better when you consider the other songs in the top 25. Not to say it's the best song of the bunch, but when it showed up the first time I was listening, I felt my heart flutter with unexpected joy.

4. This world isn't big enough for both T-Pain and Akon. But we knew this already, this is just support for the argument.
edit: If they teamed up, they would obliterate the east coast within 48 hours, easily.

Nathaniel Tyson

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