A Real-Life Exchange Related to Me by mollyo

Random "Yeahdude" on Bus: (laughing) Oh, yeahdude, so I found this fuckin AWESOME video online the other day. These fuckin American soldiers, were, like, in Iraq, totally WASTING down this street, fuckin, in one of those crazy-huge Humvee. They were like fuckin' all these other Iraqi cars up; just totally bustin them out of the way. And dude it was so fuckin' HILARIOUS cause that song, you know, that "MOOOOVE BITCH, get out tha WAY" song, was totally playing in the background! (more laughter)

mollyo: (after a moment of deliberation)...That's, um, kind of offensive, dude.

(ten minutes of silence)

Yeahdude: ....so, do you like State Radio?


For purposes of clarification: A yeahdude is a subclassification of Massachusetts-area Bros. Yeahdudes are irrisistably attracted to MollyO and her dreadlocks. They frequently approach her with appeals towards her musical taste; namedropping bands like State Radio, Phish, Moe, or even The Disco Biscuits.


Jim_Jameson said...

He was probably just excited that someone else recognized that the story he told was a demonstration of the crass trivialization of a tragedy.

I have it in my head that all dudebros/yeahdudes (awesome term) are actually sweet, vulnerable boys that just don't know what to do with themselves. Still, though, fuck them, the fuckers.

(This is Matt, by the way. I like your blog and will post on it often if you continue to let me. Sidenoat: At first I thought your banner had a picture of a beautiful, hairy catterpillar. Then I thought it was a partially plucked bird. Then I realized it was your 'stache/surrounding area. I grew more and more excited at each realization.)

mollyo. said...
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mollyo. said...

Yeadude: a better definition.
note the inclusion of white hats.