No, look, it's exactly what you said the other day: "chocolate! chocolate! chocolate! aaack!"

I promise that I will soon be posting my actual thoughts and reviews of pop culture-ish items. In the meantime, enjoy various links and time-wasters. The internet is chock full of 'em.

This will drain hours from your existence, if it hasn't already. It's called Line Rider, and it is deadly.

Kalei pointed me toward this one: This is some CUTE. ASS. SHIT.

Yeah, fuck me for never checking out Google Scholar before. I'm an idiot. [Yeah, I left the 'f' out of the hyperlink...I'm challenging preconceived notions of internet communication. How bout that...I just messed up, actually. I'm very lazy, and would rather type all this than fix the link. Moving on.]

A brief post on how YouTube has resurrected all the "lost" racist Looney Tunes cartoons. Includes a debate on the implication of the availablity of such material.


Oh, and I'm two episodes away from finishing a complete viewing of the first season of Flight of the Conchords, and I'm really impressed by how much the show developed over one season. The same can definitely be said of 30 Rock.

I saw a thread on favorite current TV characters over at AwardsDaily. After careful consideration, my vote goes to Murray Hewitt of FotC. Too good. Benjamin Linus of Lost is a close second.

Lost has been kicking ass, no? The last two episodes have been phenomenal. I'll have more detailed thoughts soon. Promise.


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