"A Tale of Two Cities"

Lost: “A Tale of Two Cities” (Season 3, Episode 1)

Not a terrible episode, but ultimately rather unproductive. The main points seemed to be to introduce Juliet, establish the Hydra Sation’s complex workings, and display the real capabilities of the Others. Juliet’s final conversation with Jack is heartbreaking, and should’ve been a good indicator that she was going to prove to be a great character. Her opening scene is also rather cool.

By the way, Jack’s wife is really rather cruel, isn’t she? Jack may be an asshole, but she is really not very sympathetic at all. Her final words to Jack (“Look on the bright side, now you have something to fix.”) were rather caustic, weren’t they?

This episode does much to deepen Jack's thematic troubles, and I have to be thankful for that. Otherwise, Jack would just completely suck.

Best Line(s): Ben's "Then you don't get any coffee." and Tom's "It only took the bears two hours."

Best Moment: A tie between Juliet punching Jack in the face after they close the emergency door, and Jack tackling his Dad at his AA meeting.

Grade: B-


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