Burritos, waging the War on the Middle [class] of Lou Dobb's body

I was thinkin' about how a few months ago, CNN.com ran a piece about how Lou Dobb's should run for President. I read the piece, only to discover, to my shock and awe, that Lou had not written the op-ed himself.

This got me thinking about The Good Ol' People's Champion in detail. Today, you are subject to a Lou Dobb's oriented HollowChatter. Previous promised material will just have to wait.


John O'Bryan has written the very funny What More Does Lou Dobbs Have to Do to Prove He's Not Racist over at 23/6. Lou Dobbs can never be made fun of enough. I really would like to take him and Glen Beck out to a desert island and leave them there to battle to the death. Then I would nuke the island to make sure there were no survivors.

23/6 also has the best headline I've seen in quite some time:

"Eliot Spitzer Leaves his Resignation on the Dresser"



Here's a little bit of weird, Lou Dobbs related irony for you.

Lou Dobbs is obviously racist, but he, like many famous racists, makes the argument that because his wife is Mexican-American, he cannot possibly be prejudiced. Now, Dobbs loves to talk about the crime, poverty, disease (?), and the general dirt and mud that will be spread by "illegals", but this isn't racism...clearly.

It's just journa-...no, it's not that. It's good, old fashioned public polic-...no, not that either.

Xenophobia! That's it.

So, the irony? Debi, Dobbs' wife, was arrested for trying to board a plane with a LOADED GUN in 2006.

Fuckin Mexicans, right Lou? It was brave of you to marry her, even though you knew that, as a Mexican, she would bring crime, poverty, and disease into your marriage. Self fulfilling prophecy, right, Lou?

I don't mean to beat up on Debbi...oh, wait, yeah I do. She totally deserves it. She married a racist prick who's trying to incite political violence and oppression against impoverished immigrants. She can burn in Hell.

Sorry about that.


Another strange fact? Lou Dobbs won a Peabody for journalistic excellence in the 80s for covering the crash of 1987.


Nathaniel Tyson

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