Top Albums of 2007: #07. No Age - Weirdo Rippers

#07. No Age - Weirdo Rippers

I have to admit that while I might not buy into it entirely, the whole "noise as beauty" musical aesthetic can produce some pretty god damned wonderful stuff.

Weirdo Rippers belongs up there with Daydream Nation in my estimation. It produces the same organic musical atmosphere as DN, at times all brooding, churning guitars with sudden loud and rapid punctures of the sonic ceiling, at times the album even resembles simple, melodic, fuzzy rock.

Like many greats of the indie canon (Yo la Tengo and Godspeed especially), No Age is 100% an album band. The songs on Weirdo Rippers are all very good, but their collection together is genius.

Like most muddy production, the mixing of Weirdo Rippers is probably frustrating to many. But the albums obscuring of the musical details really enhances the potency of the songs, especially in the album's quite moments, like the first minute or so of "I Wanna Sleep".

Weirdo Rippers rocks and squeals and thrashes, but it is all done with the same control and precision as fellow art rock bands Liars, Deerhoof, and Times New Viking. The noise may be challenging, but it is not pointless.

But this may be under appreciating Weirdo Ripper's palatability. Afterall, it is ultimately just a great rock & roll album.

(download it here)

Nathaniel Tyson

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