Top Albums of 2007: #13. Gui Boratto - Chromophobia

#13. Gui Boratto - Chromophobia

All glittery, shimmery, and blissed out, Chromophobia is the rare electronica lp to affirm the organic nature of its musicality while simultaneously examining the inherent artifice of computer-based sound.

The title of the album gives name to the prejudice against the shiny, polished quality of electronic music. In many ways, the album is an expression against the critical diminishing of electronica as heartless, droning machinery.

Much like Grandaddy and Daft Punk are fascinated with the search for humanity in circuitboards, Gui Boratto is intent on crafting an electronic homage to pure organic human creativity.

The Chromophobia of the title refers to the inability of some listeners to acknowledge electronic music as "genuine" artistic expression, and the album that follows is Mr. Boratto's glittery, shimmery, sincere response to that.

As an afterthought: if you hate electronica, check out "Beautiful Life" off of this album. It's perfection...you might be converted.

(download it here)

Nathaniel Tyson

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