It's a small DC-Baltimore metropolitan area afterall

I'm almost 100% certain that Brad King is in tonight's episode of The Wire. He even has the tattoos.

Brad was briefly my manager at IKEA. He was head of Customer Service. Anyways, he's the guy on the left in that screencap up there.




Having finished episode 9, I can say that this show is really terribly heartbreaking. The final scene of the episode between Mike and Duquan almost made me cry.


Anonymous said...

This is Marjorie, and, I cried when Michael's voice broke on "Go on, Bug." This showww. Man.

Nate Tyson (as told by Nathaniel T.) said...

Oh Marj,...

"do you remember?"

"no...I don't."

what's so sad is that I think he really doesn't, its not posturing.