Top Albums of 2007: #03. Radical Face - Ghost

#03. Radical Face - Ghost

This album was a nice little discovery for me. One day, I just came across it on some message board, and the rest is history.

The album is the work of one guy (who is also involved with Electric President [I don't care what his name is, frankly]), and it is evidently something of a concept album about haunted houses, or at least songs that sound like they could be about a haunted house.

It's a fantastic winter and fall record, but it has moments of momentous pop bombast that keep the album from a strictly downer status.

But honestly, bullcrap aside, the music is just really beautiful and sad and haunting. And it's kind of funny that I choose the word 'haunting', but it's not a joke. It's one of those albums that becomes especially personal the more you listen to it.

Ironically, I know relatively very little about the production or history of the album, and I know less about the guy behind the music. This would usually bug me, but I'm not really worried about it.

It's the kind of album that could make me want to buy a record without access to a turntable. I wanna go buy it for $20 in Northampton, but I rarely get out there. It's probably gone by now. I saw it out there about two months ago.

PS: As I am listening to the album right now, I feel compelled to mention just how wonderfully the music accompanies a late night at the computer.

(download it here)

Nathaniel Tyson

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