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Deadly Avenger - Blossoms & Blood
Some sweet-ass electronica that a man can really get behind. I don't know enough about the genre to sy much else, but I definitely recommend checking this one out if you like the idea of music that computers make love to.

The Dodos - Visitor
This album was initially described to me as having been created just for those who believe that Animal Collective's Sung Tongs is a thing of rare beauty and genius. I happen to believe this, so I can only discuss The Dodos as an Animal Collective fan. The instrumentation and vocals are certainly reminiscent of 2004 AC, but the spirit is different. The voice reminds me of Beirut's Zach Condon, rather than either Avey Tare or Panda Bear, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The Dodo's are a more traditional song-writing duo, but this leads them to streamline AC's tics and idiosynchratic elements into polished pop. Good stuff, but not great.

Earth - The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull
These guys are evidently a very influential metal act from Seattle that's been around since 1990. Couldn'tve proven it by me. I came into this album with no prior knowledge of Earth or their influence. According to some sources, this album is very different then their earlier, harder material. But here's what it breaks down to: The Bees Made Honey is basically a great prog album to get high and space out to. Made up of seven longish tracks, the album is perfectly paced for its length; the songs never seem to rush to where they're trying to go. I'm a burgeoning fan of spacey instrumental metal, and this album delivers the goods on that front. Definitely recommended. Strongly.

Los Campesinos! - Hold on Now, Youngster...
Self-referential, sweetly sincere twee that doesn't aim to stand above the scene, but instead revels in it. While the gimmicky nature should wear thin, the band's charming sarcasm is enough to support an entire LP.

The Mountain Goats - Heretic Pride
This is, in my eyes, the first album to break Darnielle's streak of greatness since 2004's We Shall All Be Healed. The album starts out strongly with "Sax Rhomer #1" and the fantastic "San Bernardino", but clunkers like "So Desperate" and "Autoclave" are shockingly generic and uninteresting. The second half of the album picks back up, but I'm not certain it's enough to save the entire LP. This may be the least consistent record Darnielle has made in half a decade. However, that said, it's definitely worth a listen for the good stuff.

Vampire Weekend - s/t
Good, catchy rock. You and I are going to be sick of them very soon, if you already aren't. I am, kinda. Favorites are "Walcott" and "Oxford Comma".


I have shuffled up and begun numbering my recommended section. You can always access that section from the sidebar under "2008's Recommended Stuff". I really need to get out and see some movies, don't I? Hopefully, I'll finally get a chance to see Be Kind, Rewind sometime soon.

I have some other records that I need more time with before writing-up.

On a related note, I finally heard the new Gnarls Barkley single, "Run". You can hear it at this seemingly fake Myspace profile. It's quite good, really. However, Luke and I both noticed something strange about it. Check the 1:30 mark...Cee-Lo sings the line "I have got a beast at baaaay". Do his vocals remind you of anyone? Tenacious D, perhaps? The entire song is totally a rip-off of "Master Exploder" from the Pick of Destiny. Oh DJ Dangermouse...did you think nobody would notice?

Nathaniel Tyson

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