just for purposes of personal clarification really

taken directly from dictionary.com:

1. something having analogy to something else.
2. Biology. an organ or part analogous to another.
3. Chemistry. one of a group of chemical compounds similar in structure but different in respect to elemental composition.
4. a food made from vegetable matter, esp. soybeans, that has been processed to taste and look like another food, as meat or dairy, and is used as a substitute for it.

1. having analogy; corresponding in some particular: A brain and a computer are analogous.
2. Biology. corresponding in function, but not evolved from corresponding organs, as the wings of a bee and those of a hummingbird.

It's not that I didn't know the words, but I wondered what the exact definition of an analog was, so I looked it up. Once I found it, I was determined to find a way to retroactively make it worth my while by posting it here.

A good contextual example from my life:

The effects of sleep-deprivation and heavy drug use have recently revealed themselves to "have analogy". I'm doing the whole sleep thing, not heavy drugs. No worries.


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