a hero is exposed when his crimes are brought to the light of day

Miraculously, I woke up at 8 this morning, but, in a fit of sullen laziness, I refused to do anything involving getting out of bed before twelve.
So, instead, I watched The Incredibles with Em. And boy howdy I'm glad that I did, because I had forgotten just how perfect it is.

Like the best Pixar, The Incredibles is impressive in just its attention to visual detail.

Hell, there are a dozen highly memorable chairs designed just for the movie. The creativity the artists embraced within the 50's art deco themes is amazing. Just look at their dinnerware, their computers...or...their bosses!

Also, I definitely loved the trips to Edna a little bit more this time around. Admit it, if her house were real, you'd kinda wanna live there.

Off courze you would. Uh Huh. Bye now dahlings. I enjoy these chats of ours.


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